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Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life 0.33 L PET Bottle

0.33 L / 12 bottles
AED 9.71
Price includes VAT
NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is a promise of high quality, great-tasting water your family can trust. Its light, refreshing, and smooth texture will fulfill your family’s daily hydration needs.
Nestle Pure Life 0.33 L PET Bottle is available to buy in increments of 1
Product Information
NESTLE PURE LIFE Purified Water 330 ML is a conveniently small, great for kids and parties!
Features and Benefits
Every drop in every bottle of NESTLE PURE LIFE Purified Water goes through a rigorous 12-step quality process to meet our high standards. Enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for a great tasting burst of refreshment.
Ingredients and Allergen Information
Calcium 24
Sodium <5
Sulphate 24
Nitrate <0.1
Fluoride <0.1
Magnesium 4.6
Chloride 43
Bicarbonate 10
pH 7.2
TDS 120
Total Hardness 85