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Nestlé® Pure Life® Eco Mission

Neste Pure Life and Zeloop

We are proud to exclusively partner with ZeLoop, the circular economy app that rewards goodness, for our Nestlé® Pure Life® Eco Mission

Our Commitment. Championing Circular Economy!

We are committed to ensuring that all the packaging used in our products is sustainable by design and fully recyclable. We work with stakeholders and industry peers to put in place effective and efficient recycling system and infrastructure to support our commitment to help collect as many bottles as we produce by 2030 and increase the use of recycled content in our bottles.

We are also investing in scientific technology and research to provide innovative solutions for the circular economy as well as work to drive new behavior and understanding among people.

Today we are happy to announce that we have partnered with ZeLoop, the eco-friendly app that promotes circular economy. Through this partnership we hope to contribute to the reduction of plastic littering, support people to increase recycling behaviors and get rewarded for it.

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ZeLoop app

Participate in Nestlé® Pure Life® Eco Mission !

Nestlé® Pure Life® has partnered with ZeLoop to help you make an impact and save the planet!

The Eco Mission aims to make recycling plastic fun and profitable by providing people Eco-Rewards for their recycling behaviors and their commitment to be a Planet Hero.

Watch the video to know the easy steps on how to participate in Nestlé® Pure Life® Eco Mission.

Plastic bottle thrown in plastic trash can Plastic Water bottle thrown in plastic trash can

how zeloop works

Recycle Plastic

Get hydrated and gather used plastic bottles to drop them at one of the nearest collection centers

Get Rewarded

Gain tokens for every bottle deposited

Redeem Rewards

Redeem your tokens in the ZeLoop marketplace against exciting items

Become the top collector and win exciting prizes!

  • 1st place prize: 20 x 5-gallon bottles e-coupon and a colored dispenser
  • 2nd place prize: 20 x 5-gallon bottles e-coupon and 20 free water packs
  • 3rd place prize: 10 bottles e-coupon and 10 free water packs
  • 4th -10th place prize: 10 free water packs
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Participate in Nestle Pure Life Eco Mission