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Nestlé Pure Life

Nestlé Pure Life Zinc Plus, Zero Sodium, Bottled Drinking Water, 12 x 600 ml

0.6 Liter bottle / 12 Bottles
AED 12.00
Price includes VAT
Nestlé®️ Pure Life®️ water Is fortified with zinc for healthy hydration. It provides 15% of the daily required zinc needs. Zinc contributes directly to the normal function of the immune system. 
Nestlé®️ Pure Life®️ water refreshes and hydrates your body throughout the day. It goes through a 12-step purification process from collection to testing to guarantee high quality standards for pure water in every bottle with a great taste. Nestlé®️Pure Life®️ Water provides essential minerals for a distinctive refreshing taste and 100 % hydration.
Our easy-to-grip,600 ml bottle of water is excellent for satisfying your thirst with a sip or two during lunchtime, at the gym, work, or school. Nestle Pure Life Bottled Drinking Water with no calories or sweeteners is the best alternative to sugary drinks. Promote healthy hydration with Nestlé®️Pure Life®️ Drinking Water.
Nestlé Pure Life Zinc Plus, Zero Sodium, Bottled Drinking Water, 12 x 600 ml is available to buy in increments of 1
Product Information
(1.8 mg/L) Biocarbonates, (28.8 mg/L) Chloride, (16.8 mg/L) Sulphate, (0 mg/L) Fluoride, (16.8 mg/L) Calcium, (3 mg/L) Magnesium, (0 mg/L) Sodium, (0.6 mg/L) Potassium, (1.65 mg/L), (118 mg/L) Total Dissolved Solids, (6.8 mg/L) pH, (90 mg/L) Total Hardness
Features and Benefits
  • Nestlé®️Pure Life®️ Drinking water FREE of sodium.
  • Fortified with zinc to strengthen immunity.
  • Provides 15% of the daily zinc needs.
  • Water goes through 12-step purification for guaranteed quality.
  • With added minerals for a refreshing distinctive taste and 100 % hydration.
  • Easy to grip 600 ml bottle ideal for home, office, or gym use.
  • It promotes healthy hydration and is the best alternative to sugary drinks.
Ingredients and Allergen Information
Warning /Recommendation on How to Store:
Keep in a clean, dry and odourless place away from direct sunlight. Before Opening, ensure the seal is intact.